Step 1: Basic Information

Contact Info

Basic Film Information

Step 2: Cast & Crew


Please enter the names of the basic crew. Further in the process, you will be able to add the names of the entire crew. If you do not have all the names to fill in these fields, you can continue this submission and come back later.

If there are multiple individuals please separate their names with a comma


Add names and roles to your "Cast Box" below. In the case of documentaries please enter Himself/Herself for Character Name.

Add to Cast Box


Add names and roles to your "Crew Box" below.

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Step 3: Contact & Payee Information


The Licensor is the person or company that controls the rights to the film.

Payee Information

The Payee is the person or company who will receive royalties from IndieFlix. The payee name must match the name on the tax form exactly.

Primary Contact Information

The Contact is the person or persons whom we should contact regarding assets, payments, paperwork, etc.

Secondary Contact Information

Payment Options

If the Company Name and Address do not match the Payee please enter those below:

Step 4: Filmmaker Profile

Bio Info

The Filmmaker Profile is a clickable link that will take viewers to a page with a headshot and bio of the selected crew member. In most cases this person is the Director.

Filmmaker Role

Please enter role of the person who is being featured in the Filmmaker Profile, e.g. Director, Distributor, Producer.

Step 5: Distribution & Media


One of the things that makes IndieFlix unique is that we have a global audience with content available to users all over the world. The more countries available, the greater opportunity to generate royalties. If terms of your contract require the film to be blocked from streaming in certain countries please indicate the excluded countries below. For questions about geo-blocking please email [email protected].

If you have any questions regarding distribution, send your request to [email protected] IndieFlix can accomodate all geographical restrictions.


Enter the link to your online screener, if one is available. Please include password if needed. If you do not have an online screener please mail your screener to IndieFlix at:

4314 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112, Attn: Acquisitions

Note - Even if your film has already been accepted please include online screener link for our records.

Step 6: Genre Selection

Requested Genres

Choose the genres that best describe your film.

Step 7: Audience


Step 8: Selling Points

Selling Points

Help us promote your film by sharing interesting facts, analytics, press, successful funding, celeb cast & crew, etc.

Please guide us to a website that has the most information about this film.